Bermuda Triangle PeeWee (Lucan-Ilderton Baseball)

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Peewee Rules  - Bermuda Triangle League 2016


  1. Leading Off – Lead offs are permitted
  2. Stealing – Stealing is permitted. Player may only advance 1 base at a time.
  3. Stealing Home – Stealing Home is not permitted. A player must be advanced to home either by a walk, a batted ball in play or by a throw from a fielder attempting to get that player out at 3b.
  4. Dropped 3rd Strike – Batters may advance to 1st on a 3rd strike missed by the catcher. (If 1st base is occupied and there are less than two outs the batter is out, by official rules of baseball).
  5. Balks – Balks will be called. Each pitcher will be given 1 warning and a coach or umpire should explain the situation to the pitcher.
  6. Bunting is allowed
  7. Infield Fly rule applies
  8. Pitch & Catch – Players can’t pitch and catch in the same game.
  9. Pitch Count Limitations

f) A pitcher may not pitch more than the following limits in a calendar day. If the limit is reached while facing a batter, the pitcher may pitch to the earlier of: (i) the completion of that batter or (ii) the end of the inning
Peewee: 80 pitches

g) If a pitcher throws more than the following limits in a calendar day he/she cannot pitch the next day – the player must have 2 nights rest.

Peewee: 55 pitches

  • Call-Up’s – Mosquito Call up’s must follow the Mosquito pitching limits.
  • Last Inning – The first inning to start 90 minutes after the schedule start time will be the last inning. Hard cap on game time is 2 hours from the scheduled start time. If last inning is not completed resort back to score from last completed inning.
  • Run max – 7 run max/inning. Last inning is not unlimited. Final inning will be played regardless of score.
  • Peewee – 7 Inning game. Mercy Rule is 10 runs after 5 innings & 18 runs after 3 innings.
  • Rain – Game will be considered official after 4 innings or 60 minutes in the case of a rainout. If teams did not complete 4 innings or 60 minutes the game will be rescheduled and played in full on another date.
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