Mite/Squirt Pitching Clinic - 2019 (Lucan-Ilderton Baseball)

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$50 registration fee is to be paid online prior to the clinic. (Windmill style pitch) Dates are:
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  4. Please see waiver below.
  5. Pitching Clinic - Waiver Form 2018


    I acknowledge my or my child’s voluntary participation in the Lucan-Ilderton Athletics Pitching Clinic.  I understand that while participating in this clinic, there is a risk of injury. I understand that such an injury can range from minor to major injury.


    I hereby waive any and all claims, causes of action, right to entitlements, suites or damages against the Lucan-Ilderton Minor Baseball Association, including any and all employees, agents or representatives, as a result of, or in conjunction with my participation during this clinic. I also waive any and all claims to any other services, uniforms, equipment, medical or training services, and the like.


    I verify that I have no physical disabilities, impairments or chemical dependencies that inhibit my participation in sport activities. I do not know of any medical reasons why I should not participate in a clinic for my sport. I hereby accept and assume the risk of injury and understand the possible consequence of such injury up to and including death.


    By selecting below, I certify I have read this form carefully and understand all its items.

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