Sponsorship Policy (Lucan-Ilderton Baseball)

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Sponsorship Policy for Lucan Ilderton Minor Baseball Association

Introduction The Lucan Ilderton Minor Baseball Association (LIMBA) welcomes the support of 
corporate sponsors who share our values and vision for promoting youth sports and community 
involvement. This policy outlines our guidelines and expectations for sponsorship and
partnership with business and local community organizations.

Mission and Vision Lucan-Ilderton Minor Baseball is dedicated, through collaborative leadership, 
to develop, promote and deliver ethical athlete-centred programs for both boys and girls which 
allow individuals to maximize their potential in a safe and fun environment.

1. Eligibility for Sponsorship LIMBA will only accept sponsorships from businesses that align 
with our mission, vision and values. We reserve the right to decline any sponsorship that 
is not in the best interest of our organization or goes against our values.
2. Types of Sponsorship LIMBA offers a range of sponsorship opportunities, including but 
not limited to program sponsorship, team sponsorship, event sponsorship, and product 
sponsorships. Sponsors may also choose to make a general donation to support the 
organization as a whole.
3. Sponsorship Packages LIMBA offers a range of sponsorship packages that outline the 
benefit and recognition offered at different levels of sponsorship. These packages are 
negotiable and can be customized to fit the needs of the sponsor.
4. Recognition and Promotion Sponsors will receive recognition and promotion through 
various channels, including our website, social media pages, e-mail newsletters, and 
promotional materials. We will work with sponsors to ensure that their branding and 
messaging align with our organization’s values and mission.
5. Conflict of Interest LIMBA will not accept sponsorships from businesses or organizations 
that conflict with the best interests of our organization or go against our values.
6. Exclusive Sponsorship LIMBA may offer exclusive sponsorship opportunities to certain 
sponsors, depending on the level of support and the nature of the sponsorship. This 
exclusively may extend to a particular program, event, or product category.
7. Term of Sponsorship Sponsorship agreements are typically for one year, but longer-term 
sponsorships may be considered. Terms may be two-to-three-year commitments.
Sponsors may renew their sponsorship at the end of each term with the approval of the 
8. Termination of Sponsorship LIMBA reserves the right to terminate a sponsorship 
agreement if the sponsor fails to fulfill their obligations or goes against our values and 

Conclusion LIMBA is committed to building strong partnerships with businesses and local 
community organizations that share our values and vision for promoting youth sports and 
community involvement. This policy outlines our guidelines and expectations for sponsorships 
and partnerships with businesses. We will work with the sponsors to ensure that their support 
benefits both their business and our organization. 

Lucan-Ilderton Minor Baseball Association