Fundraising Policy (Lucan-Ilderton Baseball)

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Lucan-Ilderton Minor Baseball Association Fundraising Policy
Effective Date: February 4, 2024

I. Purpose
The purpose of this fundraising policy is to establish guidelines and procedures for fundraising activities conducted by Members or Lucan-Ilderton Minor Baseball Association (LIMBA) teams intended to generate financial support for individual LIMBA teams or players. This policy is designed to ensure compliance with applicable laws, particularly the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission restrictions on lotteries and raffles, and to promote transparency, accountability, and the ethical conduct of fundraising activities.

II. General Principles
Compliance with Laws and Regulations:
a. All fundraising activities must comply with relevant federal, provincial, and municipal laws, including but not limited to the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission Act and the associated alcohol, cannabis, gaming and horse racing statutes.
b. Teams are responsible for familiarizing themselves with and adhering to all applicable regulations governing lotteries, raffles, sport pools and any other game or event involving chance.
Approval Process:
a. Teams require approval from the LIMBA Board of Directors before initiating any possible fundraising activities (with the exception of Sponsorships which can be submitted using the on-line form).
b. The fundraising proposal should include details such as the purpose, target amount, proposed methods, and timelines.
c. The proposal should identify the person(s) leading the fundraising (coach or parent).
d. The proposal should be submitted to the Director of Sponsorship & Fundraising who will be responsible for bringing proposals to the Board of Directors for review.

III. Potentially Permitted Team Fundraising Activities
a. Teams are encouraged to seek sponsorship from businesses and organizations associated with the families of team members.
b. Sponsorship agreements must be in writing and clearly outline the benefits and obligations of both parties.
a. Teams may solicit donations from family members and businesses directly connected to players on the individual team.
b. Donations should be voluntary and without any expectation of receiving a product or service in return.
c. LIMBA is not a registered charity and charity receipts will not be issued to donors.
a. Team events such as car washes, bake sales, or community activities to raise funds.
b. All event planning must consider safety, legal requirements, and community impact.
Merchandise Sales:
a. Reselling of products intended for fundraising initiatives such as boxed meats, pepperettes, and make at home pizza kits.
b. The resale of products must comply with all relevant laws and guidelines.
Shopping Apps:
a. Use of apps like Flip Give

IV. Prohibited Activities
a. No team or individual associated with LIMBA may engage in gambling activities, including unauthorized lotteries, raffles, sport pools, or any form of illegal gambling as it relates to LIMBA set out above.
Alcohol-Related Fundraising:
a. Teams (including coaches, players and their parents) are prohibited from conducting fundraising activities that involve the sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages, cannabis and tobacco.

V. Record-Keeping and Accountability
Financial Records:
a. Teams are required to maintain accurate and detailed records of all fundraising activities, including income, expenses, and any donations received.
b. Records must be submitted to LIMBA for review upon request.
a. Teams are encouraged to communicate openly with their participants, supporters, and LIMBA about the purpose and outcomes of their fundraising activities.

VI. Review and Amendments
The LIMBA Board of Directors reserves the right to review and amend this fundraising policy as necessary to ensure compliance with applicable laws and to reflect the best interests of the organization.

By adhering to this fundraising policy, LIMBA members and teams associated with Lucan-Ilderton Minor Baseball Association contribute to the overall success and integrity of the organization while respecting the laws and regulations governing fundraising activities.

Lucan-Ilderton Minor Baseball Association Board of Directors