10U/11U Specific Rules - OBA (Mosquito/Rep) (Lucan-Ilderton Baseball)

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Rep Rule Book: RP2 - Special Playing Rules (10U/11U)

Updated for the 2023 baseball season


a. Home base shall be marked by a five‐sided slab of rubber. It shall be a 21‐inch square with two of the corners removed so that the front edge is 21‐inches wide, and the back of the plate comes to a point at the intersection of the lines extending from home base to first base and to third base.

b. A team’s turn at bat in an inning will end after three outs have been recorded or four runs have been scored. The last inning will have an eight-run maximum. On any play where the last allowed run in an inning is as a result of the ball leaving the playing field and the awarding of home base (ie: home run, overthrow, etc) results in more than the maximum runs allowed in an inning scoring, all awarded runs will score; this only applies to dead ball awards.

Ex. 1: Runners on 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 2 outs. 3 runs have already scored in the inning. The batter hits a groundball to the shortstop, who overthrows first base. The ball goes out of play. Because this is the first play by an infielder, all runners get awarded 2 bases from the time of pitch. 2 runs score for a total of 5 for the inning.

Ex. 2: Runners on 2nd and 3rd. 2 outs. 3 runs have already scored in the inning. The batter hits a ball in the gap between outfielders. Despite the fact that two runs would have scored easily, because the ball stayed in play, the inning ends when the runner from 3rd touches the plate. 1 run scores on the play for a total of 4 runs for the inning.

Ex. 3: Runners on 2nd and 3rd. 3 runs have already scored in the inning. The batter hits a ball down the left field line which rolls past an out of play line. Ball is dead. This is a 2- base award, so 2 runs score on this play, with a total of 5 for the inning.

c. The following mercy rules shall apply at 10U/11U only:
i. 18 runs after 3 innings
ii. 15 runs after 4 innings
iii. 10 runs after 5 innings
iv. 9 runs after 6 innings

If the home team leads by mercy after the top half of any such inning, the game shall be considered a mercy and the home team shall not bat.

d. No new inning shall be permitted to start after 2 hours have elapsed from the start of the game. No time limit during the final championship game. Local tournament 2023 10U/11U PLAYING RULES 2 rules for regular season tournaments can impose a shorter time limit. In all Rep Play‐off tournament games and all play‐off round games of regular season tournaments must have a winner declared, so extra innings are to be played regardless of the time limit.

e. .UPDATED. A 10U/11U game ends when the time limit is reached and a full inning has been completed. If the time limit passes during an inning, such inning will be the last inning however it will not be treated as the last inning for the purposes of the 8-run maximum rule. If the of a new inning is started within 15 minutes of the time limit, the umpire will declare that inning to be the last inning and the 8-run maximum will apply.

f. Unlimited substitutions defensively are allowed (including for injury or official ejection).

g. The number of trips to the mound by the Manager/Coach shall not be limited except when, in the judgement of the umpire, the purpose of the trip is to delay the game.

h. Base runners cannot leave the base until the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand. If an infraction occurs, the ball will be declared dead, and runners may not advance. One warning will be issued and for any further infractions thereafter, the runner will be called out. (Each team to receive 1 warning).

i. If a player is removed from the game due to injury, illness, or official ejection, the player’s spot in the batting order shall be deleted. In the event a batter must be removed during their time at bat, the next batter in the batting order shall come to bat assuming the balls and strikes count at the time the batter is removed. If the batter becomes an out, such batter shall then take their regular turn at bat.

j. If a runner is removed by reason of injury or official ejection from the game, the player last put out shall act as pinch runner for the removed player. By virtue of the rules there shall be no pinch runners allowed.

k. The batter shall not become a runner when a third strike is not legally caught by the catcher. The ball remains live, and all other runners may advance at their own risk


Arm Care Rules

  1. .UPDATED. Unless otherwise stated, all Arm Care rules listed in RP2.11 shall be in force throughout the baseball season and shall apply to all league play and tournament play as sanctioned by Baseball Ontario or any Affiliated Association.  This includes games played outside Ontario and outside Canada, regardless of the tournament's pitch count rules or lack thereof.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, all Arm Care rules listed in RP2.11 shall be enforced at all series 22U and below.
  3. Pitchers shall be limited to the number of pitches thrown in a single day as outlined below.  Pitchers are required to rest in accordance with the chart below as determined by the total number of pitches thrown on any one calendar day.





















    1 Day







    2 Days







    3 Days







    4 Days







    Daily Max

    *Please see RP2.11(m) for 9U player pitching requirements.
    Note:  Please see RP2.11(h) for multiple games in any two consecutive days.

  4. For the purposes calculating days of rest required, the day after game day is considered Day 1 of the rest period. (ie: If an 11U pitcher throws 27 pitches on Friday, he will be next eligible to pitch again on Sunday).
  5. If a game extends beyond midnight into the next calendar day, any pitches thrown thereafter shall be counted toward the pitch count of the day the game started. If, however, the game is suspended for any reason after midnight, when it resumes, any pitches thrown by any pitcher shall be counted toward the new day.
  6. Intentional walks and balks shall count toward the pitcher’s pitch count total if a pitch has been thrown.
  7. Players are permitted to pitch in 2 separate games in the same day as long as they do not exceed the maximum number of pitches that requires no rest for their age category in the first game of the day. (ie: If an 11U pitcher throws fewer than 25 pitches in the first game, the player may pitch in a second game.) No player is permitted to pitch in more than 2 games in any two-day period regardless of the number of pitches thrown.
  8. No player may exceed the Daily Maximum for their age category in any two‐day period. If a player pitches in two games in a day or on two consecutive days, days rest required shall be calculated using the combined total of the number of pitches thrown.
    Ex1: 22U player throws 45 pitches on Friday in a tournament (no rest required). That pitcher is permitted to pitch again on Saturday to a maximum of 70 pitches so as not to exceed 115.

    Ex2: In the same scenario as Ex1, the total number of pitches thrown are added together to determine days rest. If the player threw 45 pitches on Friday and 70 pitches on Saturday, the pitcher must rest for 4 days and is next eligible to pitch on Thursday.
  9. Pitchers will be permitted to complete the at‐bat of the batter they are facing when their Daily Maximum pitch limit has been reached but must be removed immediately after (i) the batter is retired, or (ii) the batter becomes a runner, or (iii) the third out of the inning is made.
  10. The total number of pitches thrown by an ambidextrous pitcher shall be charged toward their pitch count regardless of which arm(s), or combination thereof, the pitcher uses to throw.
  11. No player may pitch on three consecutive days unless their total pitch count for the three days does not exceed the number of pitches where no rest is required for that age category. A pitcher may not pitch on 4 consecutive days regardless of pitch count.
  12. .UPDATED. Once a player assumes the pitching position, they are no longer eligible to catch for the remainder of the day. Once a player assumes the catching position, they are no longer eligible to pitch for the remainder of the day.
  13. Any player who is playing in a series higher than their age-appropriate series shall be restricted to the pitch count limitations and required rest periods applicable to the age of the player, provided the following:
    1. Players aged 8 and under and not permitted to pitch in any circumstance.
    2. 9-year-old players who are called‐up to play on a 10U or 11U team are not permitted to pitch.
    3. 9-year-old players who are rostered to a 10U or 11U team shall be permitted to pitch with the following limitations:
      • 0 Days Rest: 1‐20 Pitches
      • 1 Day Rest: 20‐35 Pitches
      • 2 Days Rest: 36‐50 Pitches
      • Daily Maximum: 50 Pitches
  14. PenaltyFor violation of any Arm Care rules as prescribed in RP2.11(c) to (m),
    1. the Manager the Manager is ejected, and the game is immediately forfeited. The Manager shall receive a one game automatic suspension. If however, the Official Pitch Counter does not make the Manager & umpire aware of the violation, the game shall not be forfeited but the Manager will still be ejected and suspended.
    2. If a pitcher throws during their mandatory days rest period in violation of RP2.11(c), the pitcher’s maximum days rest period will reset to the maximum rest period of 4 days from the date of the appearance constituting the violation.
    3. In the event that a player pitches on a required rest day and the violation is not caught until after the game, the player shall be required to rest 4 complete days from the day they last pitched, and the Manager will receive an automatic two-game suspension to be served at the next scheduled game of consequence.
    4. In any case, if the arm care violation is not caught until after the game, the game will not be retroactively forfeited.
  15. Any player who is playing in a series higher than their age must be identified on the lineup card. Any underage player not identified on the lineup card is ineligible to pitch. Should any such unidentified underage player pitch, the pitcher shall be removed from the pitching position and the Manager ejected.
  16. When a player reaches their Daily Maximum pitch count, the manager or coach may remove the pitcher from the pitching position immediately without penalty, regardless of the number of trips already charged to the pitcher during the inning or at‐bat.
  17. For all games except tournament play, the home team shall designate an official pitch counter for their team who shall be responsible for tracking the pitches of both teams.
  18. .UPDATED. For all Rep sanctioned tournament play, (including Provincial Championships, and Elimination Tournaments), the Home team is responsible for capturing the pitch count in the pitch count app in real-time (either pitch by pitch or at the end of each inning) during the game. Failure to complete this in real-time will result in the game being forfeited to the Away team. Should the game not be captured in real-time as a result of negligence and it is not realized until after the game, the game will not be forfeited but will result in a one-game suspension for the Head Coach. Exception: where cell service is weak or down and the tournament convener gives permission, games may be entered post-game within 20 minutes following the end of the game.
  19. .UPDATED. Notwithstanding RP2.11(r), in all Rep Tournament play, the tournament host may choose to appoint an official pitch counter for the game at their discretion.  If a host chooses this option, and the pitch count is not entered in real-time during the game, the home team will not be penalized.  A $1000 fine will apply to the host.
  20. The official pitch counter must provide the current pitch count upon request by either manager or the umpire.
  21. The official pitch counter shall inform the plate umpire when a pitcher has delivered their Daily Maximum pitch count. The plate umpire shall inform the manager that the pitcher must be removed, (i) immediately if the Daily Maximum threshold has been reached at the end of an at‐bat, or (ii) following the completion of the at‐bat or inning, subject to RP2.11(h).
    Note: Failure by the Official Pitch Counter to inform the plate umpire of a pitcher reaching their Daily Maximum pitch count does not relieve the Manager of their responsibility to know the pitch count and remove the pitcher.
    Penalty: Failure to remove the pitcher with no notification by the Official Pitch Counter will result in the manager’s immediate ejection and the pitcher shall be removed from the pitching position immediately and will not be permitted to complete the at‐bat. This will be treated as an emergency situation and the incoming pitcher shall receive as many warm‐up pitches as the plate umpire deems necessary.
  22. For all games except tournament play, the Manager (or designate) of the home team shall record the number of pitches thrown for all of both teams' players within 24 hours (or before the start of the next game, whichever is earlier) of the game’s start time using the OBA Pitch Count Tracker.
  23. The Manager of the opposing team will receive notification of the pitch count entry into the system and will have 24 hours from that time to verify or challenge the pitch count from that game.
    1. Any challenge of an official pitch count will be forwarded to the Series Chair for resolution.
    2. The decision of the Series Chair with regard to Pitch Counts shall be final.
  24. Penalty: 
    1. Failure to enter pitch count results within the specified timelines, as set forth in RP2.11(u), will result in the following penalties:
      1. On a team’s first offense of the season, immediate suspension of the Manager until the pitch count is entered.
      2. On a team’s second (or any subsequent offense), the Manager will receive an automatic 5 game suspension.
    2. Failure by team to adopt these pitch count rules will result in the team forfeiting their right to classify for an OBA Championship and participate in OBA sanctioned tournaments.
  25. Any coach or manager whose actions cause a player’s pitch counts to be exceeded or not counted as required by these rules, and that action is not identified until after the game is completed, shall be subject to a suspension of not less than 2 games which may be extended at the discretion of the Series Chair.
  26. .UPDATED. If a team has no pitchers eligible to pitch in that game, the game is over and the team forfeits.  A final score of 7-0 and 7 defensive innings will be recorded for the winning team.