Junior (Lucan-Ilderton Baseball)


Junior Specific Rules

Prohibition on the Use of Tobacco Products, Alcohol and Drugs

  • Players, coaches and umpires in uniform must refrain from using any tobacco products during all games.
  • Players, coaches and umpires in uniform must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Penalty for a) and b) will be immediate ejection for players or coaches and may result in loss of accreditation for umpires.


In all games in all OBA series, all team personnel, including the manager and coaches, must be in complete baseball uniform.

Note: Complete baseball uniform shall consist of:

- corresponding tops or jerseys (with proper numbers),

- corresponding (similar) baseball caps

- baseball pants (no shorts)

- corresponding stirrup or baseball socks.

Provided the teams are completely uniformed the uniformity as laid down by the Official Playing Rules of Baseball will be disregarded and no protest will be considered by the OBA after the game has been played.

All catchers are required to wear a mask with throat protector, helmet, chest protector, shin guards, cup and a cup‑type supporter.

Any team member serving as a catcher to warm up a pitcher shall wear a mask with throat protector.

For all Junior play, only wood bats (including composite wood bats) shall be permitted.

Pitchers will be allowed to wear Medic-Alert bracelets on the wrist of their pitching arm if such bracelets are locked or cannot be transferred to their non‑pitching wrist.

There is no visible jewellery allowed. Penalty – the jewellery will be removed.


The winner of the Junior OBA Elimination Tournament will be declared OBA Junior AAA champions.


All Junior OBA Play-offs (other than Junior AAA) will be scheduled 2 weeks prior to Labour Day week-end.

Coaches & Managers:

As per the Official Rules of Baseball, in Junior, any team member in uniform may act as a base coach.

Line Up Rules:

A designated hitter may be used for a pitcher at Junior as per the Official Rules of Baseball 6:10(b).


In Junior ball in the event that all players have entered the game and an injury(s) occurs, the opposing manager shall have the right of selecting any remaining player(s) as the replacement.

Note: This rule does not apply to ejections from a game.

Pitching Rules:

At Junior, a second trip by a manager/coach to the same pitcher in the same inning shall result in the pitcher’s automatic removal from the pitching position. The pitcher, once removed after the 2nd trip in an inning, may continue in the game at another position but shall not be permitted to return to pitch in that game.

OBA Playoffs:

OBA Playoff tournaments will be comprised of 1 team from each affiliated association which has classified a team for such tournament, plus a host team, to a maximum of 12 teams.