2024 OBA Policy on Supervision Using the Rule of Two (Lucan-Ilderton Baseball)

2024 OBA Policy on Supervision Using the Rule of Two



Baseball Ontario is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment with proper supervision for players, coaches, umpires and other officials. Baseball Ontario endorses the use of the “Rule of Two” for supervision in a number of settings as described below. Baseball Ontario recommends that these guidelines are followed by all local and affiliate baseball associations. An exception to the Rule of Two exists when the player is under parental supervision that is not restricted by restraining orders, separation agreements, divorce agreements, custody agreements or other such legal agreements that would otherwise not permit that level of access.


When any player under the age of 18 is in a team dressing room or other private area before, during or after a game or practice, a minimum of two people (as defined below) must be present in the room(s) or immediately outside the room(s) with the door ajar:  Two team or club/association officials, properly screened or  One such official and an adult person associated with the team


Dressing Rooms or Other Private Area Used to Change Clothes Players should be supervised at all times. A lone personnel member should never be in the dressing room / private area with players at any time, and especially when they are showering or changing. Use the “Rule of Two” of supervision. Injury Treatment The trainer / coach / safety person should avoid treating injuries out of sight of others. If treatment must be provided out of sight use “Rule of Two” supervision . Road Trips / Hotel Rooms Personnel and players should not share accommodations, regardless of the potential cost savings or other benefits. If sharing a room is unavoidable or when meetings between players and coaches are held in hotel rooms, be sure that the “Rule of Two” is observed at all times. Physical Contact Team personnel should avoid touching a player out of sight of others. Use the “Rule of Two”. Violation of this policy will be reviewed under the Baseball Ontario Harassment and Abuse Policy.


Because umpires are often unsupervised / working independently and work in small numbers, they are encouraged to follow the best practices of the “Rule of Two” such as:  Use change room separately  Provide adequate time for others in change room  Conduct pre‐game meetings in plain sight location  Avoid sharing accommodations when travelling  If injury treatment is required it should be provided in plain sight

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