PeeWee (Lucan-Ilderton Baseball)


PeeWee Specific Rules 



· The on deck batter, batter, base runners and batboy/batgirl must wear a prescribed protective helmet with flaps, covering both ears. This may not be changed except after the inning has been completed, or the player has been retired or has crossed home plate. In Rookie Ball, T-Ball, Minor Mosquito, Mosquito, PeeWee Girls, Minor PeeWee and PeeWee, helmet chinstraps are mandatory and will be worn as designed by the manufacturer.

· In Rookie Ball, T-Ball, Minor Mosquito, Mosquito, PeeWee Girls, Minor PeeWee, PeeWee and Bantam Girls shoes with metal cleats are prohibited.

· All catchers are required to wear a mask with throat protector, helmet, chest protector, shin guards, cup and a cup-type supporter.

· Any team member serving as a catcher to warm up a pitcher shall wear a mask with throat protector.


· In Minor PeeWee, PeeWee, PeeWee Girls, Minor Bantam, Bantam, Bantam Girls, Minor Midget, Midget, and Women’s ball any starting player may be substituted for and returned to the game, one time only. He/she must return to his/her original place in the batting order. Any further substitutions do not jeopardize the right of re-entry for the original/starting player. Any starting player returned to the game may pitch if he/she has not previously assumed that position. A pinch runner may be inserted for a pitcher, who was listed in the starting batting order, and the pitcher may return to pitch under this re-entry rule only if the player is re-entered immediately as a pitcher when his/her team takes the field defensively.

· In Minor PeeWee, PeeWee, PeeWee Girls, Minor Bantam, Bantam, Bantam Girls, Minor Midget, Midget, Women’s and Junior ball in the event that all players have entered the game and an injury(s) occurs, the opposing manager shall have the right of selecting any remaining player(s) as the replacement.

· Note: This rule does not apply to ejections from a game.

· If a player re-enters or enters the game illegally: offensively, this shall be considered as a batter hitting out of order; defensively, the proper player shall replace him.

Extra Player

· In Minor Peewee, Peewee, Minor Bantam and Bantam, teams may opt to utilize 10 batters in the starting line-up. The additional batter shall be deemed as the extra player (EP). The following rules for the EP shall apply:

· The option to use the EP must be declared when handing in the line-up card prior to the start of the game.

· The EP may bat in any place in the batting order.

· The EP will be considered a defensive position and eligible for re-entry.

· If a team using the EP has any players ejected or injured and it results in the team having less than 10 players in the line-up the game shall continue with 9 players. The batting order will be shifted up to fill the void but otherwise remains the same.

· Note: If the player starting in the EP is moved into a defensive position his place in the batting order does not change. The new EP will bat in the place of the player they replaced.

Pitching Rules

· In Peewee Girls, Minor Peewee and Peewee games, a third trip by a manager/coach to the same pitcher in the same inning shall result in the pitcher’s automatic removal from the pitching position.

· In Minor Mosquito, Mosquito, Peewee Girls, Minor Peewee and Peewee games, a pitcher once removed from pitching, regardless of the number of trips to the mound by the manager/coach, may continue in the game at another position, but shall not be permitted to return to pitch in that game.

· A pitcher may not pitch more than the following limits in a calendar day. If the limit is reached while facing a batter the pitcher may complete pitching to that batter.

Minor and Major Peewee - 80 pitches

· If a pitcher throws more than the following limits in a calendar day he/she cannot pitch the next day – the player must have 2 nights rest.

Minor and Major Peewee - 55 pitches

· Where a team has multiple games on the same day, if a pitcher throws more than the following limits during a game or in combination of one or more games, the pitcher may not pitch again in a subsequent game that day:

Minor and Major Peewee, Peewee Girls 55 pitches

· If a balk is called but the pitcher throws the ball it will count as a pitch thrown, even if it is not counted as a pitch for ball/strike purposes.

· The official scorekeeper shall designate the official pitch count recorder.

· The official pitch count recorder must provide the current pitch count for any pitcher when requested by either manager or the umpire.

· The official pitch count recorder should inform the home plate umpire when a pitcher has delivered his/her limit of pitches for the game. The home plate umpire will then notify the pitcher’s manager that the pitcher must be removed.

· Note: It is the responsibility of the manager to remove a pitcher when that pitcher is no longer eligible, even if the pitch count recorder and/or the umpire fail to notify the manager.

· If a team has no remaining players eligible to pitch in a game, the opposing coach may designate a player who has yet to pitch in the game. This pitcher may not throw more than 30 pitches.

· Illegal pitching penalty: Where a player throws more pitches than is permitted, the player’s team shall forfeit the game. A second violation by a team will result in the manager/head coach’s indefinite suspension.

· A pitcher may not pitch on 3 consecutive days.

· At Minor Peewee, Peewee and Peewee Girls, a player may not be a pitcher and a catcher in the same game.

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