11U Rules – Bermuda Triangle League (HL) (Lucan-Ilderton Baseball)

Print11U Rules – Bermuda Triangle League (HL)
11U Rules – Bermuda Triangle League (2023)

1. Leading Off – No leading off until the ball has left the pitcher’s hand. If a player leaves early, he will be called out. (Teams will receive 1 warning).
2. Stealing bases are not allowed.
3. Pass Balls/Wild Pitch – Runners can’t advance on pass balls or wild pitches.
4. No Bunting allowed
5. Pass ball on 3rd strike – The batter is out and may not run on a third strike missed by the catcher.
6. Infield fly rule applies
7. No Balks
8. Pitch & Catch – Players can’t pitch & catch in the same game.
9. No runner for the catcher with 2 outs!
10. Pitch Count LimitationsAny 9U aged player (Call-up or regular can NOT Pitch)!
a)  A pitcher may not pitch more than the following limits in a calendar day. If the limit is reached while facing a batter, the pitcher may pitch to the earlier of:
(i) the completion of that batter or
(ii) the end of the inning
11U - 70 pitches
b)  If a pitcher throws more than the following limits in a calendar day, he/she cannot pitch the next day – the player must have 2 nights rest.
11U - 45 pitches
c) A pitcher may not pitch on 3 consecutive days.
11. Coach PitchCoaches will pitch to start each game and pitch to each batter in the lineup 1 time from the start of the season until June 12th. This will allow batters to learn to swing the bat and give time for coaches to develop more pitchers. Coaches will act like a pitching machine. Players can strike out, but no walks will be granted. Umpires will still call balls and strikes while coach is pitching. This is not optional.
12. Call-Up’s – If 9U players are used as call-up’s they are not allowed to pitch.
13. Last Inning – No new inning to start after 7:45pm. With a hard cap on games at 2 hours from scheduled start time. Last completed inning will be used for final score. Playoffs may use a different format.
14. Run Max – 4 run max/inning (Regular Season). In Playoffs the last declared inning will allow a Max of 8 runs. Final inning will be played regardless of score in regular season.
15. 11U Game Length– 6 inning game. Mercy rule – 15 runs after 4 innings or 10 after 5.
16. Game is considered complete after 7pm in the case of cancellation due to Rain/Lightning.
17. Wood bats & baseball bats are Legal, Softball bats are not allowed to be used.
18. New larger home plate to be used.