9U Rules – Bermuda Triangle League (HL) (Lucan-Ilderton Baseball)

Print9U Rules – Bermuda Triangle League (HL)
9U Rules – Bermuda Triangle League (2023)

1. Full Game – 5 Innings
2. Max Inning – Run Max – 4 run max/inning (Regular Season). In Playoffs the last declared inning will allow a Max of 8 runs. Final inning will be played regardless of score in regular season.
3. Start Time – Start time for weekday games is 6:00pm
4. Last Inning – No new inning to start after 7:45pm. Hard cap on game time is 2 hours from scheduled start time. Teams play out final inning. If the final inning is not completed before 2-hour time limit teams will record score from the last completed inning as the final score. Playoffs may use a different format.
5. No Bunting, No Stealing, No leading off, no running for the catcher with 2 outs.
6. Infield Fly rule does not apply.
7. Infield Hit – Runner gets 1 base, Can’t advance on overthrow.
8. Outfield Hit – Runners must stop when infielder has control of the ball. Umpires discretion whether to return runners to previous base (Not debatable by coaches).
9. Mercy Rule – 15 after 4 innings.
10. Machine speed will be set at 35 MPH!
11. Coach running machine must wear a helmet (Doesn’t have to have double ear flap).
12. Eight players needed to field a team (15 min grace time given). No automatic out for missing player.
13. Rainouts - Home coach makes decision on rainouts before the game starts and must notify umpires, visiting team coach and conveners. Umpires will make the decision to cancel after the game has started. Rainouts to be rescheduled between coaches and conveners. Game is considered complete after 7:00pm in the case of cancellation due to Rain or Lighting.
14. Outfielder Rule – Outfielders must be 15 feet beyond the baseline. (4 outfielders at all times when you have 10 fielders).
15. Players playing in the pitcher’s position must wear a helmet with a mask.
16. Extra Innings – No extra innings, games can end in a tie.
17. Golden Rule – These are kids, HAVE FUN!