15U & 18U Rules – Bermuda Triangle League (HL) (Lucan-Ilderton Baseball)

Print15U & 18U Rules – Bermuda Triangle League (HL)
15U & 18U Rules – Bermuda Triangle League (2023)

1. Stealing bases – Is allowed.
2. Pass Balls/Wild Pitch – Runners can advance on pass balls or wild pitches.
3. Dropped 3rd Strike – Batters may advance to 1st on a 3rd strike missed by the catcher. (If 1st base is occupied and there are less than two outs the batter is out, by official rules of baseball).
4. Infield fly rule applies
5. Balks – Balks will be called. Each pitcher will be given 1 warning and a coach or umpire should explain the situation to the pitcher.
6. Pitch & Catch – Players can’t pitch & catch in the same game.
7. No runner for the catcher with 2 outs!
8. Pitch Count Limitations Penalty for infraction – Coach suspension and team forfeit of game
a)  A pitcher may not pitch more than the following limits in a calendar day. If the limit is reached while facing a batter, the pitcher may pitch to the earlier of:
(i) the completion of that batter or
(ii) the end of the inning
15U – 90 Pitches                             
18U - 100 pitches
b)  If a pitcher throws more than the following limits in a calendar day, he/she cannot pitch the next day – the player must have 2 nights rest.
15U – 65 Pitches                               
18U - 75 pitches
c) A pitcher may not pitch on 3 consecutive days.
9. Call-Up’s – Must use pitch count limits from the level they are being called up from.
10. Last Inning No new inning to start 1.45 hours from scheduled start time. With a hard cap on games at 2 hours  from scheduled start time. Last completed inning will be used for final score. Playoffs may use a different format.
11. Run Max 5 run max/inning,  the last declared inning will allow a Max of 8 runs (regular season & Playoffs).  Season will still be using a 2 hour hard cap on game time, playoff game times will need to be modified to declare a last inning in playoffs and still get all games in on a given weekend. Increasing the max runs per inning will likely result in longer games or not getting 7 innings in. To be monitored during season. In regular season if final inning not completed resort back to score from last completed inning.
12. 15U & 18U Game Length – 7 inning game. Mercy rule, 15 runs after 4 innings or 10 after 5.
13. Game is considered complete after 7pm in the case of cancellation due to Rain/Lightning.
14. 15U teams can use wood, wood composite, -5 or -3 metal bats.
15. 18U is a Wood bat league or wood composite. No Metal Bats.
16. 15U & 18U – Metal Cleats/Spikes are allowed.