Bermuda Triangle Major Rookieball (Lucan-Ilderton Baseball)

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2016 Bermuda Triangle Rookieball Rules


All rules per OBA Rookieball rules:


With the following exceptions:


1. Start time of weekday games is 6:15 pm (or earlier if both teams and umpires are ready)

2. End time - No new inning starts after 7:45 pm.

3. Game is considered complete after 7:30 PM regardless of innings 
played (in case of rain or slow play).

4. Eight players are needed to field a team. (15 min grace time/no
new inning after 7:45 rule still applies). No automatic out rule for missing player(s).

5. Home coach makes the rainout decision before the game and will
notify umpires, visiting team’s coach and convenors. Umpire makes the decision to cancel after the start of a game. Rainouts need to be re-scheduled between coaches and convenors.

6. Players in the outfield must be 15 feet beyond the baseline. (4 outfielders if you have 10 players present)

7. Speed of the machine is to be set at 35 mph.  Settings for the pitching machines in Lucan, Ilderton, Granton and Denfield can be found here:  Pitching_Machine_Settings_for_Major_Rookie.pdf

8. Players will advance only 1 base on an overthrow including from/to the
outfield. This rule is in place to encourage players to throw the ball and to try to make baseball plays.


Maximum seven runs per inning, including final inning.


Mercy rule is 18 after 3 or 4 innings, 10 runs after five innings.


No extra innings, tie game stands.



Number one rule: Have fun!!!

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